Lamborghini Hoverboard,8.5" Off Road Hover Board All Terrain,with App and LED Lights Two-Wheel Bluetooth

Hoverboard designed for the ultimate drive: Larger & More power - Lamborghini is nearly 2x stronger and 33% larger than the leading competitor meaning more foot space, a more stable ride and much more entertaining. Plus the truly stunning led layout,the best in its class.Together we're extraordinary. Comprehensive Safety and Security:Each hover board is designed and built to supply world-class levels of security and safety, a top priority for Lamborghini. UL 2272 examined and accredited self balancing plank with UL2271 Accredited Smart Battery. Strictest Production Process,thousands and thousands of evaluations regarding to safety regulations. 8.5" hoverboard SUV Tire:UNRIVALLED ROAD PRESENCE,this large all-season scooter delivers excellent stopping power, grass,durability, and grip, even in mild snow.You'll sense safe.No matter what kind of road you're in.Rated IP54 for solidness and water resistance. Self Balancing Scooter With Built-In Bluetooth Speaker